Our Success

How we celebrate success

Children come to school with a huge variety of gifts and talents and every child learns differently. As a result, success occurs at different times and in different ways for all children. At St Giles' we celebrate the childrens' success in a number of different ways such as stickers, house points, sharing good work with the Headteacher or sharing our successes in assemblies.


Every Friday we hold a celebration assembly in which a child from each class is awarded a 'Star of the Week' certificate, a writing 'Star of the Week' or a 'Values' certificate. These certificates may be presented for a huge range of reasons, from academic success to showing kindness to others, helping out or for showing good perserverance.


All children at St Giles' have a red book bag in which they transport books to and from school. When a teacher feels that a child in their class has done something exceptional or tried exceedingly hard, they can award a yellow book bag. These bags are bright yellow and the successful child swaps their red bag for a yellow one overnight; they can then walk out of school with their yellow bag and all parents and other children can see that they have been given the bag and celebrate their success with them.


All children are put into a house for their time at St Giles'. The houses are named after great English cathedrals, namely: Salisbury, Winchester, Canterbury and York. Children are awarded house points for a myriad of positive actions and the House Cup is awarded to the house with most points at the end of each half term.

In addition to the above, each class will have its own systems in place to celebrate success.

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