Our Head's Welcome

It is a pleasure to be the Headteacher of St Giles Church of England (A) Infant school, which has been at the heart of Ashtead and its surrounding area since 1852. As a small school, we are uniquely placed to be able to meet the needs of every one of our children; as Headteacher, I am able to know every child in the school and how they are progressing, their strengths and areas for development and how they learn best. All children learn and make progress in different ways and at different rates and here at St Giles' this is acknowledged by all staff working with your child.

Our OFSTED inspection in January 2016 judged the school to be outstanding. It recognised that children at St Giles’ achieve exceptionally high levels of attainment in reading, writing and maths and leave at the end of Year 2 on average a whole school year ahead of other pupils across the country. Our innovative curriculum captures pupils’ interests and they are genuinely excited by their learning; behaviour is impeccable and children enjoy the strongest of relationships with their teachers. We view every child as an individual and assess their progress and understanding carefully so that work is challenging and matched precisely to pupils’ varying needs. Pupils’ personal development is at the heart of all that the school does, and we are helped hugely in this by the superb support of parents and carers.

St Giles’ is a happy, caring, inclusive and nurturing school, and one in which children are given every opportunity to learn, develop and experience new challenges. Please do book a tour of the school with myself so you are able to see how happy our children are and how well they learn.

Nicola Angus
Head Teacher

September 2018