Moon Class - Mrs Tuttle/Miss Joannou

Welcome to our Class


Welcome back after the Easter break! This half-term we will be exploring 'Pre-Historic Life' where we will be using information books to explore where and when dinosaurs lived, look at the types of dinosaurs that existed, as well as finding out about the explorers who discovered them. We are aware that some children have a keen interest on the topic and we will encourage them to share and build on their knowledge through discussions and writing of information texts, stories and poems. Please remember that show and tell is held every Friday in your child's class and we welcome any topic related books, models, etc. that will spark curiosity and motivate children to learn.

In numeracy we will be using practical activities to understand multiplication and division, progressing onto word problems. Please support your child's learning at home by practising the 2s, 5s and 10 times table. We will also explore fractions and recap on the four operations, time and money.

The children will be learning about Judaism in RE and understanding what is important to Jewish children and their families.

We are confident children will find this an inspiring term!

Ms Joannou, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Boyman

If you would like to know more about the curriculum in our class, please see Mrs Tuttle. For your information, the reading scheme we use in Key Stage 1 is DFES letters and sounds.

Jenny Phoebe