Squirrels Class - Mrs Teasdale

Welcome to our Class

Welcome to Year 1 Squirrels class

To find out more about what we are learning about please look at our topic web.

We are extremely keen to hear from anyone who can help with reading. If you think you can offer even 15 minutes at any point throughout the school day we would really love to hear from you.

Junk Modelling
We constantly need junk modelling so before you recycle your rubbish please think of us! We love any small size boxes (nothing bigger than cereal box size please), yoghurt pots and kitchen rolls.

Yellow Book Bag

As well as Star of the Week we like to celebrate any achievement by awarding the children an opportunity to take home our special yellow book bag. This can take any forms from good listening and class participation to a piece of special work.

If you would like to know more about the curriculum in our class, please see Mrs Tuttle. For your information, the reading scheme we use in Key Stage 1 is DFES letters and sounds.

Jenny Phoebe