Galaxy Class - Miss Gahan & Miss Bacon

Welcome to Galaxy Class

This half-term our topic is ‘Under the Sea’ and, as always, the children are already showing great enthusiasm for this! We will be exploring different aspects of life under the sea throughout the half term. In literacy children will be writing reports on interesting and exciting deep sea creatures, looking at fictional stories about deep sea divers, creating newspaper reports and writing their own riddles.

In numeracy we will be focusing mainly on problem solving skills through number puzzle work. This will include encouraging the children to work logically and systematically using all four operations. We will also be working on recall and use of multiplication and division facts for the 2s, 5s, 10s and 3 times tables

In science children will be making links between living things and their habitats, exploring local habitats, comparing and contrasting microhabitats and world habitats, collecting and recording data and beginning to look at variation in species. They will also be learning about the importance of the food chain.

Our RE topics this term are ‘Why do Christians worship God?’ and ‘Why do Christians go to church?’.

We look forward to an exciting half term!

Ms Gahan, Miss Bacon, Mrs Nash, Mrs Peacock

If you wish to know more about the curriculum in our class, please see either Miss Gahan or Miss Bacon. For your information the reading scheme we use in Key Stage 1 is DFES letters and sounds.

Ava & Chase Ellie