Galaxy Class - Miss Gahan & Miss Bacon

Welcome to Year 2 - Galaxy Class

This term Year 2 will be learning outside. We hope (weather depending) to do as much of our learning outside. This will include putting up tents, each will have a different focus; we might have a poetry tent, a creative tent or even a music tent. So if you have any large tents that you would be happy to lend the school for this term please do come and speak to us. We will also be learning how to keep safe and cook over an open fire.

We will focus our literacy around the book Evie and the Wild Wood and will look at other stories from different cultures as well as comparing traditional tales. So if anyone has a good story they would like to share set in or around a forest or wood, then please bring it in to share.

In maths we will be learning about measurement, capacity, weight and length and using coordinates and graphs to map and collect data.

As part of our Well Being Week and in partnership with Surrey Arts Council we hope to develop a textile project which will become a permanent arts project in the woods; this will include woven tepees big and small, circular weaves forming mobiles in the trees. The children will learn about the importance of conservation, how trees are important around the world and the impact on natural habitats through deforestation. We will look at how we can reuse and recycle plastics and other ways to look after our planet. Year 2 class assembly will be a celebration of all their learning in the past year.

Year 2’s will be taking part in Sports day, Well Being Week and their trip to the Discovery Centre.

Please look at the Topic Web for dates of these events.

We hope that this last term at St Giles will inspire their learning and above all be fun!

Ms Gahan, Miss Bacon and Mrs Nash

If you wish to know more about the curriculum in our class, please see either Miss Gahan or Miss Bacon. For your information the reading scheme we use in Key Stage 1 is DFES letters and sounds.

Ava & Chase Ellie