Clubs & Extra-curricular activities

Throughout the year we run a number of different clubs. Some of these are free and others involve a cost to cover professional supervision. All clubs are open to Year Two children (and occasionally Year One). Parents are asked to sign up for the clubs at the beginning of each term. Children are encouraged to commit themselves to the clubs that they join, attending every week.

Normally the following are offered at some stage during the school year:

French/Spanish: Pupils in Year Two are offered French and, more recently, Spanish lessons by an experienced teacher of La Jolie Ronde scheme, Mrs Francoise Goul-Wheeker. She has, in her inimitable style, been teaching St Giles' children for many years and she endeavours to make the lessons both fun and inspirational. There is a charge for these lessons.

Singing Club: run by staff members - no charge. In singing club, the children learn some fun warm-up exercises which can become more complicated as the term progresses. They also learn songs that wouldn't otherwise be taught in school and in 2010 had the honour of singing at the Council Chairman's Christmas Concert. They were also runners up at the Leith Hill Music Festival at Dorking in both 2013 and 2014.

Sparks Club: run by the youth Team from St Giles' & St George’s – no charge
This club is a Junior Christian Union. Week by week the children look at Bible narratives in a fun and age relevant way. Music, craft, games, videos and stories are all enjoyed in the context of Christian teaching. Underlying the teaching, the values and attitudes of Christian living are asserted and affirmed.

Dance Club: run by Joco Dance & Theatre Arts
Suitable for girls and boys, St Giles’ Dance Club is a fun and energetic mix of various dance styles, zooming around and games- there is something for everyone! There are performance opportunities throughout the year for those that wish to take part

Football and Multi-Skills Club: run by Surrey Football Coaching Centre
Children are able to enjoy a variety of activities, with all equipment provided, to develop skills, coordination and balance which they will be able to use in many different sports. There is a charge for both of these clubs.

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