If your child has suffered from vomiting or diarrhea, they MUST stay away from school for 48 hours after the last instance of their symptoms. However, if your child has a cough or cold, or a mild temperature which can be controlled by Calpol, we are happy that they come to school; often the distraction of being with friends and being busy makes them ‘perk up’, and if we are at all concerned we will always contact you.

Please inform the school by 9.30am on each day of absence..


Term time absences, as you will no doubt know, are a hot topic. Guidance from the DfE enables the school to only authorise term time absence in exceptional circumstances, and the criteria for what constitutes such circumstances are very narrow. The impact of missing school time can be significant, and we will not be able to authorise any term time absence except in specific circumstances. Any unauthorised term time absences may be subject to statutory penalty notices being issued by the EWO. If you do need to ask for absence please see the school office for the appropriate form. Please see our attendance policy for more details.